Add a Loving Furry Friend to Your Family

Take part in our pet guardianship program in Douglas, WY

At North Platte Bullies, we love helping our breeder bullies find loving forever homes. That's why we offer a pet guardianship program here in Douglas, WY.

As a dog guardian, you'll take one of our lovable breeder bullies home so they can receive the love, socialization and care they need. They'll still be a part of our breeding program, which means you'll need to bring them back occasionally for breeding. Once the dog is ready to retire, you'll get full ownership over them.

Contact us today to learn more about our pet guardianship program.

Ready to become a guardian?

Ready to become a guardian?

We require that each dog guardian:

  • Live close to us so they can bring the dog in for breeding
  • Maintain a specific diet and vet plan for the dog
  • Prevent any accidental pregnancies from occurring

We'll cover the cost of food and vet care, and we'll stay in constant contact with you to help you care for your dog. Plus, you'll get a bonus for each breeding!

If you're ready to become a guardian, call us now at 307-298-7143.